Scouter Spotlight

Scouter YoungPup

There are many things that sets the 144 Lake Bonavista Sea Scouts group apart from other Scouting groups in Alberta.  One of those things is that we are the only land locked Sea Scout group in Canada.  It’s a wonderful benefit that we are able to utilize Lake Bonavista to enjoy canoeing activities, kayaking, and even building rafts out of plastic recycling.  We our proud of our history and privileged enough to get to share our skills with several other Scouting groups in Calgary.

Like all of the Scouting groups across Canada we have a strong core of volunteers who have dedicated many years of service to their respective groups, and created an engaging program that the youth have really enjoyed. There are friendships that have been fostered between the youth, and a new generation of scouters to carry on the legacy within Scouting.  Scouter YoungPup (AKA Dave Wagner) brings a whole new light of excitement and energy to our group, and he’s also bringing his family!  

The 144 Bonavista Scouts group has several “seasoned” Scouters.  Many of these have been able to see their children become Scouters while they are continuing in a Scouting role, but it is not often that you have 3 generations of active Scouting participants in a group.  It started with Daves’  grandson becoming a Beaver in our B Colony and him hearing the call for Scouters, signing up! Dave began his love for Scouting as a cub and followed his journey forward into becoming a Scouter as his children began their own Scouting journey.

During these unusal COVID times, Dave has brought back the Fun in Scouting Fundamentals. Scouter Youngpup has created a balance of modern technologies, such as the use of a 3D printer, and old-fashioned values. The youth have come to enjoy his Dad jokes and playful Grandpa personality. His Grandson, a whitetail, is always proud to show off his amazing Buppa, and excited to make new memories with the rest of his lodge.

We are excited to introduce Scouter Waterfall (Stephanie), Dave’s Daughter, into our group.  She brings all the excitement her dad has and more!  From ideas put forth from his Grandson,  under the youth-led program, creative incorporations by his Daughter, and innovative projects of his own invention…we are very proud to recognize the contributions of Scouter Youngpup to the 144 Bonavista Sea Scout Group.

Thank you for all that you do!

Scouter YoungPup (Middle)