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Fundraising such as bottle drive, popcorn etc.

Updated Bottle Drive Fees

Hi Everyone,

I hope that everyone has heard from their section contact scouters by now, but if you haven’t I’d like to pass along some great news.

We have tried really hard to pass along a financial break to those families that have multiple members in our 144 family. From now on, the bottle drive cheques are as follows (per bottle drive):

$75.00 for 1 youth in the program, 

$130.00 for 2 youth in the program,

$170.00 for 3+ youth in the program.

We hope that this gives anyone a bit of a break, should you be unable to attend a bottle drive for whatever reason.

Upcoming Bottle Drive

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick reminder that the first bottle drive is coming up on January 11th 2020. Please make sure that you dress according to the weather, given the time of year it can be hot, cold or somewhere in-between.

The main thing to remember … have fun, we are all raising money for the kids to have some awesome adventures!


Please remember to bring your 3 x $75 post-dated bottle drive cheques for the 1st meeting for each of your child’s sections. Each corresponding cheque will be destroyed or returned should you attend, and contribute at least 4 hours of work per bottle drive.